About Us

About Us

8th Dec 2021

This is a little about us...

Block20Sales is a family owned resell business located in Canton, SD. We specialize in gently used
commercial restaurant equipment but also carry new and used lab and medical, electronics, computer
equipment, security, lighting, HVAC, and a variety of products too numerous to list. Although we are not experts of every item we obtain, we clean, repair, and test to the best of our abilities, each unit in order to supply our customers with quality products.

Reselling has become a popular small business. One only has to look to Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc. to see the opportunities it offers. Not only does reselling provide budget-friendly options to consumers, but it serves the environment by redirecting unwanted items from landfills to new purpose. Block20Sales is proud to be a vital part of that system.

 As mentioned, Block20Sales offers an extensive inventory of new and used items, many of which can only be described as “unique.” Check out the 20lb Human Body Fat Replica Vest, our new Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine, or Big Belly's self-compacting trash bin! We are always adding merchandise so feel free to browse or contact us. Chances are if we don't have what you are looking for, we might know where we can get one!

Best Regards,