Product Profile: Stinger Spike System

Product Profile: Stinger Spike System

Posted by Michelle Carlson on 10th Jan 2022

I think I have mentioned that we get a lot of unique items at Block20Sales—and I mean A LOT. Recently we acquired a pallet of spike strips used by Iowa law enforcement. Most of the strips look to be hardly, if ever, used but many of the cases took a beating from bouncing around in the back of patrol cars. Anyone remember Dukes of Hazzard?

According to Federal Signal Corporation's Stinger Data Sheet (M203 dated 10/2020), “The Stinger Spike System is designed for quick, reliable operation. A simple pull on the handle or a toss is all it takes to position the spikes. The single, accordion-action element deploys almost instantly, giving officers time to take cover. Extra-width road coverage and low visibility minimize avoidance by fleeing suspects. After spiking, a simple yank on the handle quickly retracts the unit, clearing the road for pursuit vehicles and other traffic.”

We have 36 total of the Trooper Model 90215 (15.5ft) including two that are new in the box. All the used units have been gone through and missing spikes replaced, as well as many punctured caps as we could. The cases have been cleaned and repaired to the best of our ability. Those that could not be mended with duct tape still hold the strips, but we is recommend new cases be acquired through Stinger for overall safety. We also have a handful of field repair kits available as a separate purchase.